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SAKURA School Simulator

IPNime26 by Makmur IPHackers26
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    IPNime26 by Makmur IPHackers26
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- Money 99999990 - Unlock Armor For All Character Taiga Yuki (Boy), Rina Tamaki (Girl), Yuta Aida (Little Boy), Mio Aida (Little Girl), and Cat Butler Robot - Unlock All Clothes For All Character - Unlock All Hair For All Character - Unlock All Glasses - Unlock All Accessory Unlock Weapon for Taiga Yuki (Boy) and Rina Tamaki (Girl) - Assault Rifle Ammo : 98999 - Sniper Rifle Ammo : 98999 - Pistol Ammo : 98999 - Shotgun Ammo : 98999 - Rocket Launcher Ammo : 98999 - Beam Launcher - Katana


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